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  • Anthourioum (small)
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Anthourioum (small)


Anthurium plant is among the best-known tropical flowers. Popular in tropical flower arrangements, Anthurium white flowers are often used in weddings on Hawaii and other Pacific islands.
Give any brightly lit room a perennial vacay vibe with this spectacular houseplant. Discover how to please this exotic blooming plant indoors and you'll enjoy it for years. Anthurium leaves are naturally glossy. Wipe them gently with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free. Avoid dripping water on the leaves because it may cause brown spots, a fungus that needs to be treated with a fungicide.Yellow leaves are typically a symptom over-watering, but may be caused by cold drafts. This South American native wants warmth, year-round.The high (as picture) is 22-30cm.
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