The fragrance of flowers -

The fragrance of flowers

The fragrance of flowers
It’s always lovely to have a bunch of scented flowers in your home. But did you know that the fragrance is also very important for the flowers? Insects are attracted to the flower by the scent. These insects are needed for the propagation of many flowers, because they ensure that the pollen is carried from flower to flower. Which means that many flowers would not exist without the insects. But not all flowers have a beautiful fragrance. That’s because some flowers don’t need it to survive. These flowers often have beautiful colouring with which they attract insects. The more appealing and brighter the colour, the more insects the flower attracts.
Spring is the time for Freesias 
Alongside the distinctive flower combs, freesias are known for their popular fragrance. The scent of the freesia touches you. It probably takes you back to beautiful memories of the past when you were little. The various colours of freesias have different fragrances, from spicy peppery to beautifully sweet. The freesia’s scent is strongest when all the petals have fully opened.
Freesias are widely used in perfume making. Freesia’s note is floral, green/fresh, slightly sweet, fruity and somewhat powdery.Send flowers with beautiful fragrance to your love ones!