The «art» of giving! -

The «art» of giving!

Giving gifts is a tale as old as time … literally. Researchers believe gift giving has forever been an important aspect of human behavior, originally used to showcase our skills capabilities to potential mates. That same research shows that the reciprocal nature of gift giving – why we give a gift to someone who gave us one – is hardwired into our basic instincts.

And while the implicit reasons for giving and the gifts themselves have evolved throughout history, one fact remains — we give because we care.

“The saying, ‘It’s better to give than to receive’ is true,”!The History and Art of Gift Giving. “When we give to others, it benefits ourselves as well as to the people we give to. Especially during a trying time we need connection with each other and doing a simple act of kindness goes a long way, both for our own mental health and for the happiness of others.”

Science backs up the plentiful health benefits of giving. Avery says studies consistently have shown that the very act of giving, even if it isn’t a grand or expensive gift, is beneficial to the giver and produces more happiness over time. It even outlasts the joy of receiving a gift.

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