Secret Santa Greetings Cards Ideas -

Secret Santa Greetings Cards Ideas

1)A beautiful gift indeed, just for you. I don’t know who sent it …maybe it’s from Secret Santa!

2)A gift for you, but I don’t know who brought it, it must be Secret Santa.

3)It’s Christmas, a time to have fun and enjoy the merry, I have left the gift here for you, Secret Santa week has begun.

4)Your secret Santa is in good moods this week, a gift for you is all I can think of. I hope it lifts your spirits.


5)There is nothing that makes me happy than seeing you smile. I hope you liked the flowers. Merry Christmas from Your Secret Santa!

6)There is someone who dearly loves you and thinks about you every second. Wishing you the best Christmas! It’s me, your Secret buddy! Merry Christmas!


7)I came through the window to drop the flowers and left as fast as I could. I hope you enjoyed it. It’s me, your secret Santa.

8)Secret friend, you may not find out who I am, I just want you to know you are so special to me. Merry Christmas from Secret Santa!

9)Throw away the stress, get out and enjoy the moment because it’s Christmas and I have got lots of Christmas gifts just for you. Merry Christmas to you, from Secret Santa!


10)I am enjoying the moment of being your secret Santa. It makes everything exciting and fun. Merry Christmas!

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