Maternity hospitals -

Maternity hospitals

There is plenty of joy to go around when a new baby arrives. Congratulate mom, dad, grandparents and siblings on their bundle of joy!

1)The baby is here and you can’t wait to send a beautiful present to the family,an inspired bouquet or arrangement with balloons from our Newborns Flowers collection.But please…..arrange your order to arrive the next day and let the mother and family get some rest.We can we assure you that they will give all their attention to your gift.

2) How Long Will The Patients/Mothers Be In Hospital?
Sometimes patients/mothers are in and out fairly quickly and sometimes they may be staying longer. If the patient/mother is only in for 2 or 3 days then it might be advisable to wait and send the gift to them at home instead. Although we can deliver your flowers same day or next day make sure that we will find very helpful his/hers mobile phone number.

3) Have You Included All The Correct Patient Information?
To facilitate a successful Hospital delivery the room number for the motmust be included, and the building name if appropriate for larger Hospitals. A phone number is also a great help for a family member if they aren't available themselves. Also be sure to include the mothers and fathers full given name and not a nickname.

4)The Perfect Hospital Gifts Delivered?
We like to think we are the answer to this. We have years of experience of delivering newborns flowers gifts to Hospitals in towns and cities across Greece.We always ensure the Patient information is attached to your gift and will email you if you have left it off your order. You will receive an order confirmation and your gift is on the way, and we will also notify you when delivery has been executed. In the event of any issues we communicate with you.Also consider of super fast free delivery that we have to REA maternity hospital at Sygrou av.

Here Are Some Of The Maternity Hospitals in Athens Greece

Free Same Day Delivery:

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