Love & Care for Flowers -

Love & Care for Flowers

Your door bell is ringing and there we are with a flower delivery for you….Your flowers may be a little sleepy after their journey, don't worry - all they need is a good drink and they will be standing tall, strong and looking 'blooming' lovely in no time!
Simply follow these simple care instructions and watch your flowers grow and bloom.
1.Start with a clean vase and fill with water.
Remove all the packaging from your flowers.
Tap water is sufficient for the flowers and there is no need to add anything else
2.Using a blade, trim 2-3cm from each stem. Remember to cut at an angle to allow your flowers a large area to drink from.
3.Remove any foliage from your flowers that falls below the water line.
4.Have fun and get creative - arrange your blooms and display them in rooms which aren't too hot, cold or draughty.
5.To extend the life of your blooms keep the water clean and topped up regularly.
6.Remember, you can recycle the wrapping your flowers arrived in – this can go in with your cardboard.
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