Bridal Wedding Bouquets by A Guide to the Perfect Choice

Bridal Wedding Bouquets by A Guide to the Perfect Choice

Choosing a bridal bouquet is an important decision for every bride-to-be. Your bouquet will accompany you throughout the ceremony and reception, be immortalized in your wedding photos, and serve as a keepsake to cherish forever.

At, we understand the significance of this choice, and that's why we offer a wide variety of bridal bouquets to suit every taste and style.



Athens wedding florist|Bridal Bouquet|Wedding bouquets in Athens Greece - flowershopping - Send the Best Flowers in Athens with Free ShippingHow to Choose the Perfect Bridal Bouquet:

  • Consider your wedding style. Your bouquet should complement the overall style of your wedding. If your wedding is romantic, you might choose a bouquet with roses and peonies. If your wedding is more modern, you might choose a bouquet with orchids or anemones.

  • Choose flowers you love. Your bouquet should reflect your personality and taste. If you're not sure which flowers you like, you can ask your florist for suggestions.

  • Consider the season of your wedding. Some flowers are only available during certain seasons. If your wedding is out of season, you can choose flowers that are similar in appearance to the flowers you want, but are available year-round.

  • Think about the color of your bouquet. The color of your bouquet can affect the mood of your wedding. For example, white bouquets symbolize innocence and purity, while red bouquets symbolize passion and love.

  • Try on different bouquets. The best way to find the perfect bridal bouquet is to try on different options. You can visit and try on different bouquets, or ask your florist to create a custom bouquet for you.


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Bridal Bouquets from

At, we offer a wide variety of bridal bouquets to choose from. You can find classic bouquets with roses, peonies, and orchids, as well as more modern bouquets with anemones, lisianthus, and galaxies.

We also offer a variety of bouquet styles, including:

  • Round bouquets: These bouquets are compact and round, and are perfect for traditional weddings.

  • Cascading bouquets: These bouquets drape down from the bride's hand, and are perfect for more modern weddings.

  • Hand-tied bouquets: This type of bouquet is more loose and wild in appearance, and is made up of flowers gathered together with minimal or no wrapping. It's perfect for outdoor or bohemian weddings.

Beyond the Flowers: Accessorizing Your Bouquet

In addition to flowers, there are other ways to make your bridal bouquet unique. You can add ribbons, lace, or pearls for a touch of elegance. You can also include greenery like eucalyptus or lavender for a more natural look.

If you want to add a personal touch to your bouquet, you can include heirlooms or charms. For example, you could tie a small piece of fabric from your mother's wedding dress to your bouquet, or add a small charm that your loved one gave you.







Best•Bridal•Bouquet•Athens•Greece•Flowershop - flowershopping - Send the Best Flowers in Athens with Free ShippingBouquet Care Tips:

  • Pick up your bouquet shortly before the ceremony to keep it fresh.

  • Keep your bouquet in a cool, shady place away from direct sunlight.

  • Place your bouquet in a vase with a few inches of water and add a little sugar water to help the flowers stay fresh.

  • Mist your bouquet gently with water throughout the day to keep it hydrated.

Get Inspired by's Bridal Bouquets

To help you find the perfect bridal bouquet, here are a few examples of our popular choices at

  • The Classic Romantic: This bouquet features soft pink roses framed by white peony blooms and eucalyptus leaves. It's an elegant and timeless choice for any romantic wedding.

  • The Modern Sophisticate: This bouquet features white cymbidium orchids paired with tea roses and palm leaves. It's a chic and refined choice for a luxurious ceremony.

  • The Boho Chic: This bouquet features soft pink and white garden roses, combined with lisianthus, eucalyptus, and white sweet pea. It's a relaxed and romantic choice for an outdoor wedding.

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We're confident that you'll find the perfect bridal bouquet for your special day at Visit our store or online shop to browse our collection of bridal bouquets and speak to one of our experienced florists. We can help you create a bouquet that is unique, meaningful, and reflects your personal style.

The Power of Flowers: The Language of Blooms in Your Bridal Bouquet

Beyond their beauty, flowers also have symbolic meaning. When choosing flowers for your bridal bouquet, you can include flowers that carry a special message to your partner or honor loved ones.

  • Roses: The classic symbol of love, passion, and romance. Choose red roses to express your deep love, pink roses for sweetness
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