10 things about May 1st - flowershopping

10 things about May 1st

1.In Europe, the labor movement began during the industrial revolution, when agricultural employment declined. This idea met with great resistance from the workers of the time.
2.The story began in 1824-5, when the first "associations" (unions) of workers were formed, who wanted better working conditions. A basic request, among other things, was the 8-hour work.
3.In 1889, the first conference of the Second International was held in Paris, for the centenary of the French Revolution. At the suggestion of Raymond Lavigne, the allusion was made to the Chicago anniversary celebration.
4.May 1st was officially recognized as an annual observance in 1891.

5.Mary Harris "Mother" Jones was a leading figure in the labor revolution. The Irish-American teacher and seamstress, she became a prominent worker representative, organizing and coordinating major strikes. This is how the "Industrial Workers of the World" were founded.
6.In 1892, the first May Day gathering in Greece took place, by the Socialist Association of Kallergis.
7.In the past, the custom required unmarried girls to go out to the fields at dawn to collect flowers and branches to make the Mayan wreath.
8.Ears of wheat and barley, but also onion and garlic, for the "eye" were among the usual "raw materials".
Greenery was used as a symbol of "fertility".

9.In Kaisariani, on May 1, 1944, the workers' May Day coincided with the cowardly execution of 200 Greek men by the German Occupation forces. Thus, the region not only celebrates Labor Day, but the same day is a day of historical honor and remembrance.
10.The murders of the tobacco workers were Ritsu's inspiration for the "Epitaph".